I have always been drawn to producing realistic paintings in one form or another. I usually work from photos of my subjects. With over 30 years working with computer graphics, I use this experience to work out the final composition on the computer after photographing the subject, changing elements and making colour adjustments until I acheive exactly the desired effect.

   My latest series of more abstract, pixelated paintings is a departure from my past works. I'm drawn to the process of simplifying the subject, by stripping away all the details with pixelation and then reconstructing the subject in the painting process. I've always liked hard edges in my work, either with lighting, contrasting backgrounds and now with the hard edges of the pixels.

   I'm interested in the dual effects of the painting's subjects appearing abstract but also having it become more recognizable when viewed from a distance.

   The abstract pixelated iridescent paintings are an exploration of light, colour and texture. The alternating horizontal and vertical brush strokes have a checkerboard effect when light hits the painted surface. The resulting patterns created with the pixelation and brush strokes give the paintings an added dimension.

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