I have devoted myself to painting full time for the last few years after a lifetime of only being able to paint part time. I tended towards producing realistic paintings. My early works were landscape watercolors, usually painted plein air. Over the years, I’ve worked in all kinds of mediums but have been recently working with acrylics. I now work from photos of my subjects, using the computer to make adjustments until I am satisfied with the final composition.

My recent series of abstract, pixelated paintings is a departure from my past high realism works. I’m interested in the pixilation patterns and how the viewer sees the pixel interpolation that blends the colour of one pixel into the colour of the next forming the painting’s composition. The dual effects of the painting’s abstract appearance, when viewed up close and the changes to the subject when viewed from afar. How adding additional pixels or distorting them cause pattern changes that add another dimension to the painting. I’m drawn to the process of simplifying the subject, stripping away all the details with pixelation and then reconstructing the subject in the painting process. I've always liked hard edges in my work, either with lighting, contrasting backgrounds and now with the hard edges of the pixels which involve many layers of masking. 

The Pixelated Iridescent series of paintings are an exploration of light, colour and texture. The alternating horizontal and vertical brush strokes effect the way light hits the painted surface giving the paintings an added dimension. 

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