Steve Fortier grew up in Ottawa, always interested in art and design. He was accepted into and completed a 4 year specialized art course in Ottawa, then attended the Ontario College of Art in Toronto. He ended up working in graphic design for 35 years but always painting on the side when time permitted. Now living in Vancouver and painting full time.

   His high realism works are an exploration of light, shape, and colour. His work shows his fascination in overlooked details, natural subject matter and the power and impact conveyed by monumental canvases. He tends to paint the subjects larger than life, showing their details. He has pursued his fascination with nature, light and details.

  His present works have him deconstructing the subjects by stripping away all the details with pixelation and then reconstructing it in the painting process. 

Gallery Showings

  1998 to present - ArtWorks Gallery Vancouver, BC
 1979, 1980, 1981 - Whipperwill Gallery Constance Bay, Ont
1978, 1979, 1980 - Torbolton Oaks Gallery MacLaren's Landing, Ont.